My homemade Welsh hat!

My Name is Christine Moore.

My paintings are inspired by the beautiful countryside of Cwm Ogwr, the wider south Wales valleys and Cymru .

I live in Cwm Ogwr (Ogmore Valley) Penybont ar Ogwr, an area defined by the river Ogwr (Ogmore), that flows from Nantymoel in the north to Aberogwr (Ogmore-by-Sea) to the south. The main tributary is noted on OS maps as ‘Ogwr Fach’, ‘Ogwr Fechan’ ‘lesser Ogmore’, recorded as early as 1536. The river Ogwr at Melin-Ifan-Ddu (Blackmill) is named Cymer-Dwy-Ogwr ‘confluence of the two Ogmores’ more Information can be found about the topology of the area at the Ogmore Valley History Society.

I was born and brought up in various parts of Penybont ar Ogwr. I have painted throughout my life but because of work and family commitments, like my ironing, it lounged at the bottom of the basket! As my family has grown up, so the ironing board has been brought out! i am now hanging my paintings out!

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